Past and Present

Founded in 2011 by Raffaele Picca, Forged Monkey released twelve busts and three figures.
In early 2015 the official webstore closed and Forged Monkey was put on ice.

In August 2015 a new collaboration started.
Forged Monkey was merged with FeR - Fernando Ruiz Miniatures.

FeR Logo

All future releases and some of the already released busts are now available through FeR.
You can also contact FeR if you are interested in distributing Forged Monkey products trough your own store or if you need products for painting classes.

Forged Monkey Products

The following busts are available in the Fernando Ruiz Miniatures webstore.

Direct Link to the Forged Monkey Category

Other Products

Many painters and fans have asked for the older products - not available at FeR.
But we found a new home for most of them!

The following products will be available at the companies linked below.
They are not part of the official Forged Monkey range.

Sculpts for Sale

You can purchase a perfectly clean master and exclusive rights for reproduction and sale for your business. All purchases also include the right to use the original box art photos.
See the contact section if you are interested!

Imperial Palace Guard - 1/10 Bust

Gnarlo the Unhappy - 1/16 Bust

Kazan - Eye of the Tiger - 1/9 Bust

Sgt Cheeky - 1/12 Bust

Ronin - 54mm Figure

Priest - 32mm Figure


To contact me with questions about Forged Monkey, commissioned sculpting or other topics, email me at:
picster (at)